The Lint Lizard promises to prevent dryer fires and make your clothes dry faster.  But does it really work?  

Telebrands, the company that manufactures the product, calls it a magic wand that gets rid of potentially dangerous dryer lint.

"All that lint can even burn out your motor, or worse, it can start a dangerous vent fire,” an ad for the product pronounces.  

There are an estimated 13,000 dryer fires each year in the U.S.

The device attaches to your vacuum hose and is intended to suck up dryer lint stuck inside the unit.  

Steele on Your Side tested out the Lint Lizard using a brand-new vacuum bag and a 15-year-old dryer that produces a lot of lint.

Lynda Steele stuck the Lint Lizard deep into the dryer vent and let it do its magic for more than a minute.  But when we ripped open that new vacuum bag it was nearly empty -- no wads of lint to speak of.  

If you're really concerned about dryer fires, some of the new machines come with dryer vent indicators to alert you when there's a potential blockage.  

But Consumer Reports testers found they weren't that reliable, and couldn’t be relied on to alert you to a blocked vent.  

Bottom line: At $10.99 plus shipping and handling, the Lint Lizard is a much cheaper option, but it can’t be relied on to get the job done.

We give this product zero stars out of 5.

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