When Dennis Karbovanec pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder on Friday, he implicated his gang in the deaths of six men, who were shot in a Surrey, B.C. apartment building in October 2007.

That gang is the Red Scorpions

Three of Karbonavec's associates -- James Kyle Bacon, Matthew James Johnston, and Cory Ray Haevischer -- are also named as co-conspirators and are expected to be charged after they too were arrested on Friday.

All of the men have been identified by police in the past as gang members.

Police say three men serving time in youth detention formed the Scorpions about nine years ago.

Nobody knows who the leader is. But the gang centers around Karbovanec and the Abbotsford-based Bacon brothers.

The Scorpion's main rival is the UN Gang, a multi-ethnic group formed in the 1990s and described by police as the most violent gang in British Columbia.

They are allegedly fighting for control of the lucrative cocaine trade.

Both gangs have waged a public war, shooting at each other in intersections, mall parking lots and neighbourhoods.

And recently, both gangs have taken hits. The UN's Raphael Baldini was shot dead at Guildford Mall. The Scorpion's Kevin Leclaire was also shot at a mall in Langley.

Police have also arrested some of the highest profile members. UN leader Clayton Roueche sits in an American jail awaiting trial on drug charges. Another UN member Barzan Tilli Cholli is in jail on a charge of attempted murder.

Scorpion Jonathan Bacon is awaiting trial on fraud charges.

And on Friday, police took down the Scorpion's Jamie Bacon and Dennis Karvbovanec

It appears that police have put a significant dent in the power bases of both gangs

Meanwhile, criminologists like Darryl Plecas expect to see more alleged gangster being arrested in the near future.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Renu Bakshi