VANCOUVER -- A Metro Vancouver man is warning others of a strange incident that was captured on his doorbell camera.

“We were pretty upset after seeing the video,” said Wayne Chung. 

Chung lives on Wellington Street in Port Coquitlam and said on Tuesday morning his wife noticed a pair of boots belonging to a stranger on their doorstep. 

“I had no idea where the boots were from,” he said. 

After checking the video captured by his doorbell camera, Chung found who appeared to be behind a bizarre shoe swap.

“She came and she took my shoes right in front of the camera,” he said. 

In the video captured at about 5:38 a.m., a woman appears to approach the front door holding a bag. 

She is then seen taking a pair of boots out from the bag and placing in on the ground.

Next, the woman appears to grab what Chung believes are his shoes, puts them into her bag, then walks towards his next door neighbour’s home. 

“I’m guessing she had a bunch of shoes in there and could not fit everything into the bag,” Chung added. 

“Pretty shocked someone would go around taking someone’s dirty shoes. The shoes are not brand new, they are pretty old and dirty.” 

Chung doesn't know whether to call this a robbery or a strange prank. 

He has reported the incident to RCMP.

In the meantime he is warning others in Port Coquitlam to bring their shoes and other belongings into their homes.

“I definitely learned my lesson and won't leave my shoes outside ever again,” Chung said.