VANCOUVER -- Warning: This article contains language that may be disturbing to some readers.

A message written by a Vancouver restaurant on its sandwich board is concerning some residents who have walked by.

One of those people was Ryan Delaney, who said the sign that was on display Thursday in front of What's Up? Hot Dog, a restaurant on Hastings Street. He said it saddened him to see it.

On one side, the sign said "Top 3 things to do today." It then listed, "1. Fuck 2. The 3. Police."

"I wasn't angry, I was sad," said Delaney, who said he was offended by the language.

"This is a diverse neighbourhood, diverse community, a lot of police live in this area and to see something like that in this already incredible sensitive situation does not help anyone or anything," he said.

A woman identifying herself as a staff member of the restaurant told CTV News, "We stand by our sign.

“We stand with the citizens and we are against police brutality."