VANCOUVER -- A B.C. man initially facing six charges related to allegations involving pet hamsters is now facing three.

The BC Prosecution Service told that Leighton Labute's charges have been consolidated, and a third count has been added.

The Kelowna man is now charged with one count of publishing obscene material.

Additionally, he faces charges for killing "one or more hamsters," and with causing unnecessary pain and suffering to a pet, the BCPS said.

Previously, he'd faced three counts of killing a hamster, and three counts of causing unnecessary pain and suffering.

Labute, 21, became the subject of a police investigation earlier this year when Mounties were notified of disturbing images posted on social media.

The RCMP said those images appeared to show animal cruelty toward a hamster.

Mounties in Kelowna say they linked the account to Labute, who was then arrested. 

The allegations have not been proven in court.