Port Moody residents are breathing a sigh of relief after reports that a notorious resident has left their community.

Police here confirm that Dennis Karbovanec -- alleged to be a member of the Red Scorpions gang -- is no longer living in the Vancouver suburb.

Karbovanec had been under constant police surveillance in Port Moody after being targeted for death by a rival gang. That's because police were concerned about the public's safety. Karbovanec had been living at this high-rise condo for several months. On Wednesday, he informed police as required by the courts that he would be moving out of the area.

Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini said he is pleased.

"I'm smiling because there has been a lot of pressure on the residents of Port Moody, a lot of frustration on a small but active community." Trasolini said. "Were used to having very safe neighbourhoods and this put a bit of a cloud over that lifestyle. And I'm relieved that threat is gone."

However, police have not revealed the location of Karbovanec's new home.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Michele Brunoro.