VANCOUVER -- A fire that ripped through a dump near Kamloops has finally been put out.

The fire, which sent toxic black smoke billowing into the sky, took roughly 22 hours to extinguish, according to Kamloops Fire Rescue’s Capt. Ken Hartt.

There were no fire hydrants in the area, Hartt said, so firefighters had to shuttle water to the scene.

The fire at the Mission Flats Landfill burned a metal pile full of kitchen appliances, according to Capt. Chris Burnham, who spoke to CTV News Vancouver while on scene on Saturday.

On Saturday, fire crews asked members of the public to avoid the area and for anyone else nearby to stay indoors and avoid breathing in the heavy smoke, which they said was potentially very toxic.

The fire was finally put out at 6:45 a.m. on Sunday.

No one was hurt from the fire, according to the fire department.

Investigators will begin their work tomorrow, but given the extreme heat and the extent of the damage, it might be difficult to determine the cause of the fire, Hartt said.