VANCOUVER -- A New Westminster family is issuing an urgent plea after their five-year-old's mobility walker was stolen.

Rya Martin has undiagnosed special needs and depends on her walker to get around. 

While the Martin family was recently unloading their car after having a picnic, the $4,000 walker was stolen off their bike rack, which was also secured by a lock. 

"It's like having a car stolen, but it's her little car … that's the main source of her mobility," Rya's father Ryan Martin told CTV News Vancouver. 

"We have to carry her when she gets tired and we're just not as mobile because it's tough for her to walk on her own and support her own weight."

The family says they're devastated by the theft and ask anyone who sees the walker to phone New Westminster police.

"It's really a big loss for us to have that go missing," Ryan said.