SURREY -- Surrey RCMP took 31 people into custody following a shooting at a Surrey house party Friday evening.

Neighbours say they heard several distinct bursts of gunfire just before midnight and then dozens of police cars flooded into the neighbourhood around 55A Avenue and Bakerview Drive.

"It was probably like ten shots, staggered, like bang, bang, bang … and then like bang, bang, and then a couple more after that," said Daniel Suzuki who was in his home down the street when the incident occurred.

A man who lives directly next door to the home where the shooting happened told CTV News he was in his front yard when it started.

“I heard bang, bang, bang, like three shots go off. It kind of freaked me out so I ran into my house, and then I heard what sounded like possibly retaliatory fire,” said Shawn Tucker. “It was either two or three more shots. And then I heard the first gun go off again another three times. And then I heard more retaliatory shots.”

According to RCMP, when officers arrived there were a number of people in the house and they suspected some of them may have been involved in the shooting. Police say there were no reports of any injuries related to the gunfire.

"I saw a bunch of cops running towards the house and I heard them saying 'Come out one at a time with your hands up,'" said Tucker. "It didn’t seem like anybody was coming out right away and they had the house surrounded."

Surrey RCMP took 31 people into custody and all were eventually allowed to leave after being questioned and having their identification verified.

The house remained behind police tape throughout the day Saturday, guarded by several officers, as RCMP waited for a search warrant for the house and several vehicles parked on the property.

Neighbours say the home on 55A Avenue has been listed on Airbnb for the past several months, showing CTV News screenshots of the listing which has since been taken offline.

"It seems the only people who rent it are people who want to party so every weekend there’s always a party going on there," said Tucker.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Surrey RCMP or Crimestoppers.