At least 27 empty beer and alcoholic cooler cans were found in the speedboat that crashed head-on into a houseboat on B.C.'s Shuswap Lake last month, killing one man.

According to a search warrant filed at a Kamloops court, witnesses told police that Leon Reinbrecht was "doing doughnuts" in his speedboat shortly before he crashed into the houseboat driven by Ken Brown on July 3.

Brown was killed in the crash, and Reinbrecht's speedboat became deeply embedded in the houseboat.

In court documents requesting access to Reinbrecht's blood alcohol results, a Chase RCMP officer wrote that police searched his boat after the crash and found empty cans of Budweiser and Palm Bay vodka cooler, as well as empty Alexander Keith's and Dos Equis beer bottles.

Police say in the documents that they also discovered a bag of marijuana, covered in bloody fingerprints, beside the speedboat.

A witness told police that she and another passenger on the speedboat had been drinking.

The documents say an officer noticed an alcoholic odour when speaking with Reinbrecht after the crash.

When police spoke with Reinbrecht the next day, the documents say he told them that he had one beer after the crash, while his boat was still embedded in the houseboat.

Another boater out on the water that night told police that she saw Reinbrecht's boat doing doughnuts before the crash, and said he came within 4.5 metres of her boat at high speed.

The documents say that one houseboat passenger told police that he was standing on the boat's deck before the crash, and saw the speedboat heading straight towards him at high speed.

Another passenger told police that she heard Brown shout "(expletive), he's going to hit," just before the crash.

Reinbrecht told CTV News on July 5 that he didn't see the houseboat in the dark, and didn't realize it was there until he hit it.

Passengers on the houseboat told police that the houseboat had its running lights and interior lights switched on during the crash.

None of the allegations in the documents have been proven in court, and Reinbrecht has not been charged.