There are small digital cameras that detect smiles and others that warn you if someone has their eyes closed.

But if you don't need a projector or fancy extras, the Kodak Easy Share M380 did well in tests and costs about $200.

For a camera that can take a beating, consider the Olympus Stylus Tough 6000. It's shockproof from a distance of five feet.

Pocket Camcorders

Pocket camcorders are popular for YouTube videos. The big names are Flip, Sony, and Kodak -- along with the Ipod Nano.

"They don't compare well to full sized camcorders for their video quality or audio quality but for their convenience and size you can't beat them," said tester Elias Arias.

Consumer Reports says the Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra HD had the best video quality and is the easiest to use.

The Kodak ZI8 has image stabilization and adjustable recording levels.


To get you where you need to go, Consumer Reports recommends the Garmin Nuvi 265 portable GPS.

Apps for iPhones and Blackberries don't work as well as a dedicated GPS unit, and are only good for occasional help because phone calls interrupt the navigation.

For hikers, GPS units can be handy. Less expensive options like the Garmin E-Trex don't have maps but will help you find your way back.


A common New Year's resolution is getting more exercise - and a pedometer can help. The $30 Omron pocket pedometer is the most accurate, even in a pocket. The $20 Thin-Q pocket pedometer also works well.


If you are looking for a new LCD TV, Consumer Reports named the 40-inch Toshiba Regza Model 654U a best buy for a thousand dollars.

Among large plasmas, the 54-inch Panasonic Viera models 54G10 and 54S1 was also named a best buy.

As was the 50-inch Samsung model 650, which has the highest overall score among plasmas.

HD TV's have a great picture but only if you have an HD source. So many people are investing in a blu-ray disc player. The good news? Even the cheapest have excellent picture quality.

And if you've got a basket full of remotes and want a single unit to run everything, consider the Logitech Harmony One. Those who use it say it's amazing.

And big screen TV's are very reliable. According to Consumer Reports, in the first few years of ownership fewer than one in a hundred need repairs after their one-year warranty expired.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen