VANCOUVER -- Mounties are using two incidents in one area as a reminder to the public to slow down.

The Burnaby RCMP said its traffic enforcement officers caught two drivers each doing more than double the speed limit Monday morning.

According to officers, each driver was travelling at a speed more than double the legal limit.

The RCMP said they were caught in a 50 km/h zone in Burnaby doing more than 100 km/h.

Both were in the area of Marine Way and Boundary Road, the RCMP said.

Each driver was handed a ticket, and both vehicles were impounded.

The RCMP shared photos of the vehicles being towed away with the hashtag "#slowdown."

A short time after posting about the speeding tickets, the detachment's traffic enforcement officers also ticketed a truck driver.

In that case, they say, the truck had "bald and bulging tires," and was carrying "insecure goods and insecure cargo."

The truck was taken off the road, and the driver was fined for the incident.