VANCOUVER -- SPCA constables were recently sent to rescue 22 dogs from a property near Fort Nelson, B.C. But as more and more animals were passed through the window of a trailer Friday, staff realized they were dealing with well over 100.

In all, 119 dogs were found being kept inside two trailers: 88 in one, and 31 in the other.

“In all my time at the SPCA, I’ve never seen 119 dogs rescued from a single property,” said BC SPCA senior officer Eileen Drever. “The society was absolutely shocked by the numbers that we brought in.”

And since some are pregnant, more are on the way.

Most of the dogs are small mixed-breeds, including terriers, Shih Tzus, papillions, but the organization does not believe this was a puppy mill, instead a case of two people who got overwhelmed.

“They took on some dogs, and they failed to spay or neuter,” said Drever.

Mounties and the fire department were called to help move the dogs out. Then staff in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John worked around the clock to treat them for overgrown nails, severe matting, nose abrasions, eye and dental issues and hernias. Within three days veterinarian costs hit $14,000.

They seemed to be well-fed, but one of trailers didn’t have heating and the door was frozen shut. The dogs had to be passed to SPCA constables through the window.

The dogs will eventually be put up for adoption, but they still need more care, and some will go into foster homes first.

Many are still afraid of humans.

“You can see in their eyes they want to come around,” Drever said with a smile.