VANCOUVER -- Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder that affects an estimated one in 10,000 Canadians.

Hemophilia A prevents blood from clotting normally, which leads to prolonged bleeding. This is caused by a mutation of the factor-8 gene.

Hemophilia A predominantly affects males (87%), but women can also be affected (4%).

Women are typically carriers of the gene that causes the condition.

Without proper treatment, hemophilia A can be debilitating and often fatal.

Dr. Jackson joined CTV Morning Live to share some of the common misconceptions of hemophilia A.

The number one myth is that people think if a person with hemophilia gets a cut they will bleed to death.

Dr. Jackson explained that is false. People with hemophilia bleed longer, not faster.

The other major myth is that people with hemophilia can't live normal lives.

Dr. Jackson says as long as people have a personalized treatment plan, they can live a full, active and long life.

During the pandemic virtual medical visits have been a help in providing care.

Those seeking a more personalized approach can visit

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