A uniformed man who was recorded rummaging through a Vancouver woman's apartment while she's overseas is a concierge at the building, according to the victim.

Queen Throngkumpol told CTV News she checked her surveillance cameras during her vacation and was shocked to see the man putting on gloves and rifling through her things – including an underwear drawer where she'd left behind hundreds of dollars for her cleaning woman.

"He's had access to my building the entire time I lived there," Throngkumpol said. "This particular time I had left my keys for my cleaner and he knew I was leaving town."

At one point, the video appears to show the intruder putting something in his pocket. Throngkumpol said her cash was gone when her cleaner showed up at the apartment.

Vancouver police confirmed they are investigating a break-in at the Yaletown highrise, and that officers arrested a 48-year-old man over the weekend.

CMI Concierge & Security, the company that services Throngkumpol's building, told CTV News the incident was "shocking and unacceptable," and that it's co-operating fully with police.

"Although we understand the police investigation is ongoing, we have apologized to and reimbursed the tenant," president Wayne Tullson said in an email.

"We have taken this opportunity to reinforce our policies and training with our staff."

The company would not tell CTV News whether it has taken action against any of its employees, citing privacy concerns, but Throngkumpol said CMI told her the concierge was fired.

Meanwhile, the Yaletown resident, who is in Thailand visiting family, said her sense of security has been shattered.

Throngkumpol first learned something was wrong when her cleaner sent her a message on Facebook.

"Hi, I am here. Cleaning half of it, I can't find where u put the money hahaha, let me know which drawer it's in," it read.

Throngkumpol immediately began checking the surveillance video from the cameras she'd set up in her apartment. She said when she realized someone had been inside looking through her things, she began hyperventilating.

“I installed the camera because I keep a lot of valuables in that room and I just felt safe knowing it was there ... not ever thinking I would ever see anything on it,” she said.

Even though someone has been arrested, Throngkumpol said her life has been upended.

"Now I have to look for a new place to live. I definitely don't feel safe living there," she said. "This entire experience has brought me a lot of pain and suffering."

Vancouver police said the suspect was taken into custody on April 7 but has been released pending further investigation.