Parks officials have issued a warning after wolves snatched a dog off of a Tofino-area beach and mauled another as their horrified owners could do nothing but watch.

The couple, their child and their two dogs were walking along Wickinninish Beach at around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

A pair of wolves dragged away one of the dogs before the family’s eyes and seriously injured the other dog.

Wolves have been reported roaming the Pacific Rim National Park area more often and officials say they’ve been showing less fear of humans of late.

Still, conservation officers say visitors to the area shouldn’t worry.

“Our visitors should still feel quite safe coming to the national park reserve,” said conservation officer Mark Young. “I think in this case, it’s really a demonstration of ensuring that, whether it be our pets or our small children, we just want to be in really close proximity to them. It is a wilderness environment.”

Young said signage will be increased throughout the park warning visitors about the wolves.

Tofino’s mayor said last year that if the wolves get more comfortable around humans they may have to be destroyed.