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Winner of chance to buy $228K bottle of Scotch has backed out, BCLIQUOR says

This photo shows The Maccallan The Reach a very rare and very expensive bottle of whisky. (Image credit: This photo shows The Maccallan The Reach a very rare and very expensive bottle of whisky. (Image credit:

A do-over has been scheduled for a Vancouver draw that promised one person the chance to purchase a $228,000 bottle of Scotch.

The first person whose name was chosen at the BCLIQUOR event last week has backed out, prompting a re-draw scheduled for June 12.

"A customer was successfully drawn at the event, however, the customer has advised the BC Liquor Distribution Branch that they will not be finalizing the purchase and have withdrawn their entry," a statement from the province issued Friday says.

"The draw will continue until a customer confirms the purchase."

The whisky in question is an 81-year-old single-malt The Maccallan The Reach.

There are only 288 bottles of it the in the world, and BCLIQUOR said in an earlier statement that it is the only retailer in Canada to "offer its customers the opportunity" to pay the six figures it will cost to take it home.

The whisky itself was aged in a "single, sherry-seasoned oak cask" starting in 1940 – just before the distillery had to close during the Second World War, according to the product's website.

"Created during a turbulent time for The Macallan and the world, The Reach is testament to our history, ingenuity and unmistakable strength of character…Slowly maturing over eight decades, its triumphant release allows us, in the present age, to reach back in history to that difficult time."

The flavour is described as smooth, complex and characterized by "a rich, sweet smokiness." The Scotch is also "housed in a mouth-blown glass decanter, cradled by three bronze hands" and housed in a custom, wooden cabinet.

The pricey potable was never intended to be taken home on the night of the launch event.

"Due to the price point of The Macallan The Reach 81-Year-Old, BCL will be taking advanced security measures in ensuring the product is safely purchased. BCL will arrange a separate pick-up schedule (for a later date) for the successful candidate to claim their purchased bottle," the website for the event said. Top Stories

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