Smoke wafting from wildfires in the B.C. interior has caused air quality in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley to deteriorate, prompting an air quality advisory on Wednesday afternoon.

Laurie Bates-Frymel, Air Quality Planner for Metro Vancouver, says the fires have sent particulate matter, or fine soot, into the atmosphere.

"We're seeing some smoke flowing in, particularly in the eastern portion of the valley," she said.

"Individuals who have health issues, such as cardiovascular or respiratory issues, children and the elderly will want to limit strenuous activities."

Anyone who experiences symptoms such as chest discomfort, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing is advised to consult their health care provider.

Conditions are expected to persist for 24 hours.

Environment Canada expects the weather system to change overnight, which is expected to clear out some of the smoke by Thursday afternoon.

More information is available at the HealthLink BC hotline at 811, or at the website.