An Abbotsford mother forced to pay for emergency supplies on her kids’ back-to-school supply lists says it should be the school’s responsibility to provide the items.

Donna Guay, who has three small children in the Abbotsford School District, was recently surprised to see the items included amongst the binders and books.

A foil blanket, light stick, emergency food bars and bottles of water are included in the list. 

Guay believed it was the district’s responsibility to provide those items for children.

“This can add up to quite a bit out of my ‘back to school budget,’” she wrote in an email to CTV’s Steele on Your Side. 

Mary-Anne Smirle, assistant superintendent for the Abbotsford School District said each school has emergency kits for students but it’s up to them how they’re paid for. 

In some cases the Parent Advisory Council pays for the items through fundraising, Smirle said, but in this case the school in question is small and the PAC decided to offload the cost to parents.

She urged parents to contact the school principal if there is a financial hardship issue, and they may be able to help.