Health Canada has issued a safety warning about more than 37,000 jogging strollers sold over nearly two decades over concerns that the front wheel could come off and cause a fall if improperly secured.

According to the agency, the Britax BOB Jogging Stroller was sold in Canada between 1997 and 2015.

The affected models all have a removable front wheel that is attached to the stroller using a quick release.

"The front wheel of these strollers may detach if improperly secured causing the stroller to flip over posing a possible fall hazard," Health Canada said on its website.

"It is important to engage your quick release correctly because the function of the quick release is to secure your front wheel to your stroller. If the quick release is improperly engaged, your front wheel could detach in use, and you or your child could be injured."

As of May 6, the company behind the stroller had received 16 reports of front wheel detachment in Canada, and four reports of adults receiving scratches and bruises. There have been no reports of injuries to children.

Affected models include the Revolution FLEX, PRO, SE, and CE as well as the Stroller Strides Fitness, Sport Utility and Ironman.

Health Canada is encouraging those who own an affected model to visit the BOB Gear Information Campaign website for instructions on how to make sure the stroller's front wheel is properly secured.