VANCOUVER -- West Vancouver fire crews rescued a rambunctious one-year-old golden Labrador that had gotten itself stuck on a ledge above a fast-moving waterway.

The rescue happened at Cypress Falls Park on Saturday.

"The owners were walking their dog, it was a one-year-old golden lab, and it was a bit rambunctious and slid and slipped into the river and got washed down to a ledge," said Martin Leduc, assistant chief of operations for the West Vancouver Fire Department.

"It was able to get up on that ledge, but unfortunately wasn't able to get out."

The dog's owner had also scrambled down to where the dog was in an attempt to keep the animal calm.

Using a team of 12, with six rescuers stationed on either side of the steep riverbank, the fire department was able to lower a rescuer down to the ledge. He secured the dog and the dog's owner with a rope. Then, all three were hauled up to safety.

Video posted by West Vancouver Fire Department shows the dog being led up the bank to be reunited with its owner.

While it's understandable that the dog's owner wanted to go down to the ledge to help her dog, Leduc recommends dog owners call 911 first if their pet gets into a dangerous spot.

"You always want to make sure you're putting your safety first," Leduc said.