VANCOUVER -- About 200 residents of a downtown Vancouver apartment building have been allowed to return home after being evacuated due to concerns of a potential gas leak.

On Saturday night, the building was evacuated when one resident said they smelled gasoline. Eight firetrucks including a hazmat response team went to the building at the corner of Broughton and Nelson streets. 

When emergency crews arrived they also detected gasoline in the air, but the source of the smell couldn't be found. 

"They had a heavy smell of gasoline, mainly on the main floor, working its way upward and lessening a little bit as you went upward in the building," said Battalion Chief Mike Sereda at the scene Saturday. 

"It's a little windy out so we think that maybe there's something outside on the street level that was blown into the building and it accumulated and worked its way upward."

Crews used a large fan to ventilate the building and once it was deemed safe, the residents were able to go back inside.