VANCOUVER - A tiny, weeks-old kitten was caked in dried blood when he came into BC SPCA care.

The society says the four-week old cat, named Valerio, had a crushed leg, and was surrendered to an animal protection offer.

When his leg was X-rayed, it showed severe damage. His leg was so badly injured that it may need to be amputated, the SPCA said in a call for donations posted online.

"Please help brave little Valerio with his surgery and care," society wrote earlier this week, estimating it needed about $2,400.

With more than $6,000 raised by Thursday morning, the goal was surpassed by $3,660.

Kitten surrendered to SPCA

(Photo from the BC SPCA)

When he recovers, Valerio will be looking for a new home.

"This kitten is absolutely adorable and whether he loses his leg or not, he will be an amazing and handsome companion someday," the SPCA said.

"He loves to cuddle and will fall asleep in your arms."

The SPCA also posted a video online Tuesday of Valerio playing with a toy, writing, "he can't wait to heal up, start enjoying all that life has to offer and find his forever home."