You could soon buy some weed alongside a nice bottle of Riesling, if B.C. liquor stores get their way.

The union that represents liquor retail workers and the B.C. Private Liquor Store Association announced Wednesday they are partnering in an effort to sell recreational marijuana through provincial liquor stores.

The groups hope to the British Columbians will be able to buy weed at private and government liquor stores by Christmas 2016.

The BCGEU and BCPLSA say the partnership will enable a “safe, responsible and effective system” for selling recreational weed in the province.

BCGEU president Stephanie Smith acknowledges there are concerns about young people accessing marijuana, but says selling weed through age-controlled stores with identification checks would reduce that risk.

The partnership follows Justin Trudeau’s pledge to move ahead with the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

Smith says their plan will ensure that non-medical marijuana is sold through controlled channels in a socially responsible way across the province.

“Liquor stores provide the most strictly controlled system for accessing a controlled substance, and are best suited for the retailing of non-medical marijuana. We have an effective warehousing, retail and distribution system in place, there is no need to reinvent the wheel,” said Smith.

Damian Kettlewell of the private liquor association said their plan won't affect dispensaries because they won't sell medical marijuana.