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CTV Vancouver | CTV Weather School

Registration for the 2016-2017 School Year is now open. To register your class, email weatherschool@ctv.ca.


Experience a working television station and learn about your weather! CTV Weather School is a fun interactive learning experience for grade 4 students.

Your class will come down to the CTV Vancouver newsroom at Robson and Burrard to meet CTV Weathercaster Marke Driesschen as he will explain how he gathers weather information and learn some amazing atmospheric science about weather. Then, the students will test their skills on forecasting the weather map on our green screen just like Marke does on TV!

Learn all about weather forecasting. “How is it done?” “Where does the weather information come from?” “How does it appear on my television screen?”

CTV is the only television station with the advanced WSI computer system – giving our viewers accurate weather minute by minute.

To wrap it all up, your class will gather for a goodbye wave for a cameo appearance on the night of their visit on CTV News.

To view the students’ online weather report submission, visit http://bc.ctvnews.ca/weather/ctv-weather-star


This is FREE community program that has been running since 2002. Due to the increased demand for participation, the program will exclusively be offered to Grade 4 classes as relevant to the BC Ministry of Education Science Grade 4 curriculum and all entries will be picked from a random draw.

We will accept one class per school in order to share opportunities with other groups across the province. The program will be offered each Thursday starting at 10:00AM for approximate duration of one hour (1:00).

Programs are offered starting from the end of October to end of May and takes place in the CTV Vancouver newsroom.