The Pineapple Express drenching B.C.’s South Coast is being blamed for two rush hour bridge crashes that involved seven vehicles Friday morning.

Shortly after 8 a.m., New Westminster Police said they were called to respond to a five-car crash on the Queensborough Bridge.

Before officers even arrived there was another two-vehicle fender bender just 50 metres behind the original accident.

It’s believed the two crashes are connected, and the result of the wet weather.

Sgt. Todd Matsumoto said visibility was low and people were likely not paying attention – and following too closely.

All of the vehicles needed to be towed and the morning commute was significantly slowed. 

B.C.’s South Coast is expected to be hit by up to 100 millimetres of rain in the next 48 hours as a significant frontal weather system moves through the area.

Surrey RCMP advised drivers to avoid high beams while driving in the heavy rain, saying they can reflect back at your vehicle and diminish your ability to see other drivers.