Surveillance video shows what appears to be a brazen theft at a restaurant in Kelowna.

From the footage, it appears that a person climbed onto the roof at about 3:30 a.m. Thursday.

The owner of the restaurant, Tonics and Yamas, told Castanet the alleged thief then wriggled through the ventilation system.

The person then dropped down into the restaurant's kitchen, near its deep fryers.

Video from another surveillance video shows a suspect unloading tools from a backpack then spraying the camera with what the restaurant owner believes might be hot sauce.

A camera placed near the bar area captured the suspect using a hammer to open a cash register.

The owner says there are no detectors in the kitchen, but that the alarm system would have been triggered in the bar area.

He said the thief made off with some cash from the till.

Watch the surveillance video