A notorious white supremacist and anti-Semite wanted by Canadian authorities says he's living freely south of the border and is daring Mounties to come find him.

Craig Cobb, who sometimes goes by Corn Cobb online, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for running a hate-filled racist website called Podblanc from various locations around Vancouver.

Before it was shut down by police, the YouTube-type video sharing site most often targeted the Jewish and black population, but also espoused vitriol against gays and lesbians.

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The 57-year-old racist, who has dual citizenship, was arrested on suspicion of promoting hatred while using a computer at the Vancouver Public Library on June 17 last year.

Police were forced to release Cobb from custody after only 10 hours because of a federal hate crime rule that requires the personal approval of the provincial attorney general to lay a criminal charge.

Crown approved a charge of willful promotion of hatred on Dec. 30, but Mounties believe Cobb fled from the country months before.

Detective Terry Wilson of the RCMP Hate Crime Team said he is in the process of working with U.S. authorities to have Cobb extradited to Canada if he's caught in the U.S.

"When people break a law in Canada, especially one as serious as this, they have to be held accountable in Canada," he told ctvbc.ca.

In a blog entry posted Thursday, Cobb said he is indeed living in Montana. He even went to the length of taunting Det. Wilson in a post, telling authorities where they could find him.

"You can catch me in the orange easy chair near the elevator at Flathead County Library, Kalispell, MT, 10-8 M-Th, or 11-5 Fridays and Saturdays, Terry," Cobb wrote.

But even though police may know that Cobb is living in Montana, they may not be able to bring him back to Canada to face hate charges because of the U.S. First Amendment guarantee of free speech.

RCMP must prove there is a similar offense in the U.S. in order to have Cobb extradited to face the Canadian charge of communicating hatred.

"Our efforts are hampered because they have to be made in concert with the U.S. Justice Department," Wilson said. "But if he steps anywhere in Canada he'll be detained."

Cobb promotes the Creativity Movement, a white separatist movement formed in the 1970s in the U.S. Creativity refers to white Europeans or white people they believe are the sole creators of civilization and technology.

On his blog he describes himself as "The Orson Welles/Julian Assange of White Nationalism."

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a left-wing research group, has said Cobb ran one of the "nastiest" websites promoting racism.

The SPLC says Cobb lived in Estonia for several years before coming to Canada to build a white supremacist movement in northern Europe.