A "long-serving" member of the Vancouver Police Department has been placed on administrative duty after being arrested for impaired driving.

The off-duty constable was stopped by an RCMP roadblock on the Trans-Canada Highway at the eastbound exit of Gaglardi Way in Burnaby early Sunday morning.

He was arrested by the Port Mann Freeway Detachment of the RCMP, who has launched an investigation into the incident.

Sgt. Dave Savoy told CTV British Columbia the officer failed two breathalyzer tests. They are recommending one charge of impaired driving and a second charge of driving with a blood alcohol level of over .08.

"[We] found out he had consumed alcohol prior to operating a motor vehicle," Savoy said.

"Everybody makes mistakes but some people should know better."

VPD spokesperson Lindsey Houghton says the officer, who is not being named, was placed on desk duty Monday morning, where he will remain until the investigation is complete.

The officer is the second member of the Vancouver Police to be arrested this month.

On August 13, police announced a male officer is facing charges of sexual assault and incest after an alleged assault in July.

The officer, whose name is protected under a court publication ban, was suspended with pay and will appear in court in September.

Houghton insists the arrests have not been a black eye to the department.

"I wouldn't say it's embarrassing," he said at a press conference Monday.

"We want all of our officers to be as professional as they can be and uphold the values the public expects us to uphold.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington