VANCOUVER -- A failed attempt to possibly dine and dash was caught on camera, Burnaby Mounties say, with video posted to social media showing a woman falling from the ceiling of a local restaurant.

Burnaby RCMP shared the video on Twitter Thursday morning, saying the woman who tried to skip on paying her restaurant bill "crawled above the kitchen ceiling from the washroom."

The video shows a couple officers and other people standing in the kitchen, when someone suddenly drops down.

"Luckily she wasn't hurt when she fell through the ceiling tiles and landed right in front of our Burnaby frontline officers," the post says with the hashtags "gravity" and "foundyou."

In the video, an officer appears to walk over to the woman and help her stand up before the clip ends. 

While the video was posted recently, Mounties say the incident actually happened in March near Metrotown.

"Over the past couple months, we have been telling our Burnaby frontline stories in an effort to give the public a look at the incidents our officers respond to everyday," Burnaby RCMP said in an emailed statement.

"We felt this was a good example of some of the more interesting files our officers respond to."

In this case, Mounties said restaurant management decided not to pursue charges after considering the woman's "life circumstances and struggles."

“This situation could have ended much worse. Regardless of your situation in life, no one should risk their own health and wellbeing in an attempt to evade payment, apprehension or repercussion," Burnaby RCMP said.

"Thankfully, this situation ended without injury and lessons were learned by all."