A Saanich driver has been slapped with a hefty fine after flicking his lit cigarette out of his car window.

On Saturday, Victoria Police Chief Del Manak shared on social media a ticket he wrote to the litter bug, which resulted in a $575 fine.

The tweet read in part, "575 reasons to not throw your lit cigarette out of the car window." 

Chief Manak said he witnessed the driver toss the cigarette as they were driving on Highway 17 near Quadra Street.

The driver apparently told the chief he threw it out because he didn't want his car to burn.

The chief quipped he shouldn't be smoking in his car.

With a lengthy wildfire season forecasted for the province, officers are trying to stomp out this type of behaviour.

Tossing out lit cigarettes pose a major fire risk and as this incident highlights, the potential to get burned with a serious fine.