VANCOUVER -- Vancouver Young Actors School is an elite training school for young professional actors in Canada.

It offers 18-week programs as well as spring and summer camps for children ranging in ages from 6 to 17. These programs are not just a fun extracurricular activity, but they teach classic fundamentals and modern techniques that can be applied directly to a career in acting.

Vancouver Young Actors School is housed in GO Studios, which is one of Western Canada's largest casting facilities.

The environment in which children learn in is exactly what they will encounter during the actual audition process.

They get to utilize four fully-equipped camera studios and three professional-grade voice-over studios.

All classes are intructed by working professionals in their field. This enables them to share their real-world experience.

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 students so instruction is very personalized, focused and effective.

Many partipants are hoping to put their passion into action and start an acting career.

At the end of every 18 weeks, a year-end showcase is put on, and industry professionals such as agents and casting directors are invited for the special performance.

This provides an opportunity to show a young actor's agent the progress they have made in developing their skillset. It also allows young actors without representation to make connections.

Many of their students have landed roles, which provides evidence of measurable results that are delivered at this elite training facility.