For the first time ever, Vancouver has surpassed Los Angeles to become the most congested city in North America, according to a new survey.

TomTom, a GPS hardware company, released its quarterly traffic congestion index Wednesday -- with a notable change in the rankings.

This time around, Vancouver leapfrogged Los Angeles for the dubious distinction of worst traffic on the continent and is the third most congested city in all of the Americas, according to the survey.

Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings are the worst times to drive in peak periods, with drivers spending up to 41 minutes in traffic per hour driven, the survey claims.

Another shocking statistic: drivers with a 30 minute commute spend up to 93 hours per year stuck in traffic, according to TomTom.

After L.A., San Francisco, Honolulu and Seattle round out the top five most congested cities in North America. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary follow Vancouver as the worst cities in Canada, ranked 7th, 12th, 17th and 25th, respectively.

To determine the index, TomTom compares travel times during non-congested periods with travel times in peak rush hours, with the rankings expressed as a percentage increase in travel time.

The rankings use GPS data from millions of the company’s customers “to understand real-life driving patterns by time of day, day of week, time of year and around special events. TomTom says the survey is “the most accurate and comprehensive barometer of traffic congestion in major cities all over the world.”

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