VANCOUVER -- Warning: This story contains disturbing details.

Crown prosecutors are reviewing allegations that a teacher at a high school on Vancouver’s west side sexually assaulted a 16-year-old student, CTV News has learned.

Kyle Ledingham is a band and fitness teacher at Prince of Wales Secondary School, where the relationship with the student is alleged to have taken place.

“Vancouver police have presented a package to Crown for their approval of charges. We are working with the school board as well as Crown. For privacy, I can’t give a lot of information,” said Sgt. Aaron Roed.

Records indicate that Ledingham is ineligible to teach after signing an undertaking not to practice in May.

Ledingham’s lawyer, Claire E. Hatcher, responded to the allegations on behalf of her client as follows: “My client is of course presumed innocent under law, and maintains that innocence. And indeed, Mr. Ledingham has not been charged with any offence. It remains unclear whether Crown counsel will proceed with charges. However, if the matter ever does proceed to court, we look forward to mounting a full and rigourous defence at trial of this matter."

The student alleges that the incidents happened in April and May of 2019, when she was in Grade 11. She says she complained to police in September of that year, and the Vancouver police concluded their investigation in December.

On social media, that student posted a recording of a phone conversation she says is between her and Ledingham.

“You tried to go under my pants several times,” a female voice says.

“Well, I thought you wanted me to,” a man’s voice says.

“What gave that? What made you think that?” the female voice says.

“Well, I won’t,” says the man.

A spokesperson for the Crown told CTV News they’re not commenting while they are making charging decisions. Sgt. Roed suggested that delays in general over the past several months could be related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


An earlier version of this article included the transcription "What is that?" This article has been updated to reflect it appears what was actually said was "What gave that?"