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Vancouver park rangers seize more fuel tanks from Vanier encampment after 2 more fires

A pair of fires at the homeless encampment in Vanier Park prompted park rangers and Vancouver police to enter the encampment Thursday morning, where they confiscated propane tanks and other potentially dangerous items.

One of the fires happened Wednesday night and the other on Thursday morning.

CTV News observed at least a dozen propane tanks, two jerry cans and a pair of generators removed from the camp on Thursday.

One of the generators retails for nearly $1,300 at Canadian Tire

It's the second time this week rangers and police have conducted a sweep for dangerous items at the park.

Tuesday, they gathered 160 propane tanks and removed them from the forest.

In June, CTV News was there as Vancouver Park Board staff took 88 tanks out of the park.

Park board staff declined to be interviewed for this story but did send a statement.

“As part of ongoing work, park rangers from the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation will be on-site at Vanier Park throughout September to remove any and all remaining structures/tents and debris identified by those sheltering in the park as refuse," it said.

Under park bylaws, people are allowed to camp in parks overnight provided they pack up their tents in the morning.

The structures in Vanier Park are too large for that to be feasible.

CTV News also observed a VPD officer removing a large curved knife from the encampment.

Vancouver police said officers were only there to keep the peace and provide assistance to park rangers if necessary. Top Stories

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