VANCOUVER -- Charges have been laid following an altercation at a Vancouver courthouse involving a man who allegedly refused to wear a mask and got physical with police, leaving one officer with a broken leg.

It happened Tuesday at the court buildings in the 800 block of Hornby Street in downtown Vancouver.

Const. Tania Visintin said a man walked in and refused to wear a mask when asked to do so by the sheriffs. She said he also wouldn’t leave the building.

“It’s not news that you need to wear a mask when you are in an indoor public space,” she said. “He created a scene, and became very aggressive and argumentative.”

Visintin said when two Vancouver police officers were called over to help, the man allegedly kicked one of the officers and tried to grab his gun. As the officers tried to arrest him, the man fell on top of one of them, which led to the officer breaking his leg.

“This was senseless, this was reckless, and this was unnecessary,” she said, and added the officer who was injured could be off duty for several months. “This man showed complete disregard for the parameters set out by our provincial health officer. It escalated to a point where it didn’t need to.”

Premier John Horgan also commented on the incident, calling it "disconcerting." He said the province is "taking steps to ensure that the full force of the law comes down" on COVID-19 rule-breakers, particularly those who are violent.

Police said a 53-year-old Vancouver man who is known to them was taken into custody, and given a $230 violation ticket.

CTV News has learned Marrett Alexander Green has been charged with the aggravated assault of a peace officer, assault of a peace officer, and attempting to take an officer’s weapon.

He appeared in court by video on Wednesday afternoon, and was released with conditions, including a requirement to wear a mask inside a public building unless he has a note from a doctor.