VANCOUVER -- The Law Society of British Columbia has suspended Vancouver lawyer Paul Doroshenko for two months for professional misconduct involving client trust funds.

In a consent agreement published on the law society's website, Doroshenko admits to a variety of incidents involving the funds, all of which he attributes to his inattentiveness to the administrative side of his law practice. 

Doroshenko admits that the incidents constitute misconduct and that he is personally responsible for ensuring that his firm's accounting records are properly kept, but he also attributes the accounting issues to staff members, and says that personal injuries he suffered prevented him from adequately supervising his employees.

The financial issues listed in the consent agreement took place between 2013 and 2019 and include:

  • 82 instances of misappropriating or improperly withdrawing funds, worth a total of $44,353.19
  • 82 instances in which he did at least one of the following: failed to identify a trust shortage, failed to pay it back or failed to report it to the law society
  • 65 instances in which he failed to maintain sufficient funds in trust for his clients
  • 20 instances of failing to deposit trust funds - worth a total of $25,095.93 - as soon as practicable
  • Failing to maintain accounting records in compliance with law society rules
  • Failing to adequately supervise his staff
  • Making false representations to the law society in his annual trust report

No clients were harmed as a result of the misconduct, according to the consent agreement, and all of the misappropriated funds were corrected or replaced.

In addition to his two-month suspension, Doroshenko must complete five hours of continuing professional development credits by Dec. 31. These credits are in addition to the 12.5 hours normally required of all lawyers in B.C.

Doroshenko's suspension begins on June 21.