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Vancouver cupcake thief apologizes, offers to pay for damages from bizarre bakery break-in

The man who broke into a Dunbar bakery by kicking in a glass door Friday morning has apologized to the owner and offered to pay for damages.

After entering Sweet Something bakery, he spent approximately 30 minutes in the shop before taking a few selfies and using a mop to attempt to clean up the broken glass. The man then fled the store with six chocolate and champagne-flavoured cupcakes.

A few days later, the man reached out to the owner by telephone.

“He profusely apologized," said Emma Irvine, owner of Sweet Something. "He was really, really nice. He offered to pay for the door, offered to pay for the cupcakes.”

CTV News asked Irvine for the man's contact for comment, but were told he doesn't want to speak with media. Instead, CTV News was provided his lawyer's contact, who didn't return the call.

His motive behind the cupcake crime remains a mystery.

“I didn’t really ask," said Irvine. "You know, at the end of the day, what does it matter?"

Irvine has tried to make the most of the situation, even creating a new signature cupcake dubbed the 'crime of passion.’ The cupcake is chocolate and champagne flavoured, topped with edible orange sunglasses, similar to those worn by the burglar.

"It's definitely bizarre," said Cst. Tania Visintin with the Vancouver Police Department. "It kind of makes you chuckle a bit."

Police say they're still investigating, but that the suspect's remorseful actions could go a long way.

“Definitely it’s very noble of him -- to offer to pay," said Visintin. "That’s great that he’s taking full responsibility.”

"I don't want any charges pressed," said Irvine. "I think he just made a mistake and there's no point going further."

Back in 2020, the shop experienced a similar incident with a man breaking in and stealing a camera and rice crispie squares, though he never cleaned up, apologized or offered to pay for damages.

Meanwhile, Irvine has invited the bakery bandit back to the shop for some more treats, with one exception.

"We even chatted maybe about sitting down together at the bakery, sharing a cupcake and maybe talking about the situation, but in that he'll give me those orange sunglasses."

The story has erupted on social media and has been covered by news agencies across North America. Top Stories

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