Valentine’s Day is popularly known as a romantic holiday to show affection to that special someone in your life, but many Vancouverites are getting down and dirty with someone other than their partner, according to a website service that promotes infidelity., a matchmaking service that unapologetically caters to “discreet” encounters for the married or the otherwise attached, says the City of Glass is the seventh most adulterous city in Canada, up from the number 10 spot last year.

New data released Monday from the agency revealed a surge of signups in Vancouver in the past year – 43,154 new “relationship seekers.” CEO Biderman says infidelity is borne from opportunity, and Vancouver is surging because it’s filled with wealthy residents.

“It’s easy to see the relation,” Biderman said in a statement.

“Laid-back west coasters are also more health-conscious and into fitness and appearance which leads to greater confidence.”

With an abundance of civil servants, Ottawa leads the country as the city with the most cheaters per capita, followed by Calgary and Edmonton.

Here’s Ashley Madison's list of Canada’s least faithful cities:

  1. Ottawa, Ont.
  2. Calgary, Alta.
  3. Edmonton, Alta.
  4. Saskatoon, Sask.
  5. Toronto, Ont.
  6. Halifax, N.S.
  7. Vancouver, B.C.
  8. London, Ont.
  9. Regina, Sask.
  10. Montreal, Que.

The day after Valentine’s Day provides the biggest spike in new signups, according to the infidelity website.

The website says an increase in signups on Feb. 15 last year was mostly driven by married women: their membership increased by a whopping 977 per cent.

Biderman said disappointment in their partners’ efforts on Valentine’s Day is a huge driver.

“[They] feel especially undervalued when there is a societal expectation of romance,” he said after last year’s membership jump.

“Certain days of the year act as litmus tests for many people in relationships.”

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