Another deer has been found dead in Saanich, B.C., where police are grappling with a rash of urban trophy-hunting.

A homeowner in the Victoria suburb discovered the large four-point buck on his lawn in the 2400-block of Queenswood Drive on Wednesday.

Police say it appears the animal was hit with an arrow in the upper back, but no projectile was located. They believe the buck fled after it was hit.

Sgt. Dean Jantzen said that the high-velocity crossbows used by many hunters in B.C. are too dangerous for use in populated areas.

"The velocity of the arrow from a crossbow is honestly just shy of that of a pistol, so in other words, this could do some damage," he said.

"Is this is going to fell a large deer through the chest, imagine what it could do to a child."

Since the end of October, Saanich residents have made at least seven separate discoveries of dead or injured deer and animal parts.

Locals have discovered two full carcasses, a decapitated body, a severed deer head and a sawed-off leg, and two people have reported seeing animals with arrows stuck in their bodies

Two crossbow-toting hunters dressed in camouflage were arrested in a residential area of Saanich on Nov. 3, and police are recommending charges of possession of a weapon for dangerous purposes.