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Union of B.C. Municipalities votes in favour of resolution to allow pets in non-profit housing

The Union of B.C. Municipalities approved a resolution to support pet-friendly housing in the non-profit sector.

According to the resolution, brought forward by Port Moody Coun. Amy Lubik, the UBCM requested the province to direct BC Housing to develop strategies and guidance that supports pet-friendly policies.

The resolution states that animals have been proven to enhance physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, particularly for women, young people, households with lower incomes, renters and those experiencing homelessness.

New Westminster Coun. Jaimie McEvoy said the pandemic taught many municipal leaders how important pets are to people, especially seniors who live alone.

“So it’s not seeking legislation, but it is wanting to look at that issue of pets and how we can make social housing and non-profit housing in British Columbia more pet-friendly for people and give more people the opportunity to have a pet in their home,” McEvoy said.

McEvoy acknowledged some landlords not wanting pets due to property damage concerns, but said reducing barriers to housing was a more pressing issue.

“It’s an important question: In housing that’s provided for the public good, should people be able to have companionship in their home?," he said.

The UBCM will now take the resolution to BC Housing and the province to discuss how this could be enacted.

CTV News reached out to BC Housing and will update the story when a response is received. Top Stories

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