Ride-hailing companies aren't allowed to operate in B.C. just yet, but Uber wants to make sure drivers are ready to hit the road when the time comes.

The San Francisco-based tech company has posted a message to would-be drivers in B.C. suggesting they obtain a Class 4 driver's licence, which is a requirement under the provincial government's new ride-hailing regulations.

"Metro Vancouver will need drivers like you to make ridesharing a reality," it reads. "You've shown interest in becoming an Uber partner so we wanted to give you a heads-up on the steps that you can take to ensure that you're road ready when ridesharing launches."

To get a Class 4 licence, drivers must first take a learner's test and then pass a commercial road test, which includes a medical exam. Applicants must also be at least 19 years old and already hold a full-privilege driver's licence.

The fees for the learner's test, road test and medical exam come to $83 combined, according to the ICBC website.

There's still no guarantee that Uber is coming to B.C., however. In an email, the company stressed that its message is "not a launch announcement."

"Getting enough driver-partners qualified is the first of several steps before Uber can make a decision whether to launch in Metro Vancouver, and it needs to review the regulations that government has designated the Passenger Transportation Board to set, which includes key policies such as flexible pricing, boundaries and no vehicle caps," it said.

The Passenger Transportation Board is currently conducting consultations, and is expected to submit its regulations this summer. Companies can then begin applying to operate in B.C. in September.

ICBC will begin offering blanket insurance certificates to ride-hailing companies on Sept. 16, which will cover individual drivers as well.

"This means you will be covered by the ride-hailing company's insurance when you are using your vehicle to provide ride-hailing services," the insurer's website reads. "Your own insurance applies in other instances."