As Vancouver’s taxi companies seek a court order to keep Uber out of the city, the controversial ridesharing company is trying to win residents’ hearts and minds with a new petition.

Uber posted the petition on its website Thursday, and had already gathered more than 10,000 signatures by Friday afternoon.

“With the lowest number of taxis per capita in North America, Vancouver residents and visitors are woefully underserved when it comes to transportation options,” it reads.

The petition accuses the B.C. government of protecting cab companies’ interests rather than the public’s, and notes that Uber is already operating in more than 220 cities around the world.

“Stand up for choice in Vancouver and sign the petition,” it says.

Uber isn’t currently operating in Vancouver, but there have been rumours of a pending surprise launch since the company posted for management jobs in the city last month.

Calls for Vancouver Uber drivers have also been appearing on Facebook.

The B.C. government has warned Uber against launching without first obtaining a licence from the Passenger Transportation Board, which all taxi and rideshare companies in the province are required by law to do.

Taxi companies are also suing the U.S.-based company, and have applied for a court injunction to bar it from operating illegally in Vancouver.

Uber maintains that it’s not a taxi service, but a technology company connecting drivers and passengers through its smartphone app, and shouldn’t be subject to taxi rules.