The University of British Columbia is apologizing after accidentally sending orientation week invites to 31,000 applicants, including some who have already been rejected.

The error caused mass confusion amongst prospective students on Monday with many thinking they got into their program. Only about 7,000 students are admitted into first year programs every year.

One person who received the invitation to UBC’s orientation program “Jump Start” told CTV News that she is heartbroken and already told her parents that she got into the university.

Many applicants who received the invite were still being considered by the school’s admissions department or already received their rejection notice.

“This email was sent in error to all UBC applicants rather than students who have accepted an offer of admission from UBC. We apologize for the confusion it caused for prospective students,” said Andrew Arida, associate registrar and director.

"We know that waiting to find out if you have been accepted into university can be a very stressful time," Arida added.

UBC is recommending applicants look at their Student Service Centre account to get the most accurate information on admissions.