A Twitter account advertising containers of marijuana hidden around the city could net trafficking charges for those involved, according to Vancouver police.

On Wednesday, the handle @HiddenWeedYVR tweeted for people to follow it “to find free marijuana in Vancouver,” adding the stoner stunt was inspired by the account @HiddenCashYVR.

Whether the prize is money, marijuana or beer, the accounts drop clues and post a photo of where to find the secret stashes – part of a Twitter treasure hunt that has been popping up in major cities across the continent.

But police say this type of green giveaway could be dangerous – both for those finding the marijuana, and for the people who are hiding it around the city.

“For the person who finds it, possession without a licence is illegal. The act of delivering it to a place for someone else to find would be considered trafficking in a controlled substance under the CDSA,” Const. Brian Montague said in an email statement.

“While we use a lot of discretion when it comes to marijuana, the fact that the person could be trafficking to a 12 or 13 year old, if they are the ones who find it, could draw some unwanted police attention.”

Montague did not confirm whether police are actively investigating the account.

On Thursday, the account said it hid two of five jars of marijuana and posted photos and clues of where to find them.

Hours later, two people tweeted at the account with photos proving they had found the capsules, and what appeared to be marijuana inside with a piece of paper congratulating them.

The account tweeted late Thursday that it would hide a few more of the five containers on Friday.

As of Friday afternoon, the account had gained nearly 1,000 followers in just over two days.

The person or people behind the account have not come forward publicly.