Trooper, the young golden retriever found close to death last month in Maple Ridge, B.C., is living up to his name -- and thriving under foster care.

When the dog was brought in to the Maple Ridge SPCA by his owner he weighed only 11 kilograms -- about half the weight he should be -- and was close to death. Staff named him Trooper, hoping he would survive from a horrifying case of neglect.

But the young dog has responded extremely well to veterinary treatment and is blooming under the attention of new foster parents. He's already put on a respectable eight kilograms.

In Pictures: Trooper's miraculous recovery

Foster dad Brad was overjoyed that his offer to be a temporary caregiver to Trooper was accepted.

"We jumped at the chance, and now he's been like he's always been here," he laughed. "And hopefully we'll make a difference in his life. That's the goal."

Crown counsel is still considering whether the dog's former owner, Mike, will be charged with animal cruelty.

Speaking to CTV News after surrendering the dog, Mike described himself as a caring man who didn't realize what bad shape his dog was in until he shaved him. "I'm sorry that I let it get that far," he said.

"I'm praying every day that that dog makes it and eventually finds a good home."

Professional photographer Carol-Ann Loeppky was so moved by Trooper's plight that she created a webpage for him, and is organizing a fundraiser, called Pooches in the Park, for Sunday, March 28.

Loeppky will be doing dog portraits at Jerry Sulina Park in Maple Ridge in exchange for a minimum $30 donation to the SPCA and to help Trooper.

Trooper will make a star appearance at the fundraiser, although it's unclear if he will wear one of his many donated outfits from across the country.

For details on the fundraiser click here.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Julia Foy