He doesn’t usually drive a cab, but today former Vancouver Canuck Trevor Linden spent the day test driving an electric vehicle and offering free rides.

It’s all part of a new initiative by the British Columbia Automobile Association to educate the public about the technology and the benefits of owning an electric vehicle. Even Linden himself was willing to admit, he knew very little before connecting with BCAA.

“I think there are a lot of questions, I mean, I’m learning a ton,” said Linden.

The former NHLer started the day outside of Edible Canada on Granville Island. The restaurant is home to the only two free charging stations in the entire city. A Nissan Leaf, owned by BCAA, was turned into a taxi for the day and Linden drove around picking people up and taking them anywhere they needed to go throughout Vancouver.

The automobile association has recently launched a new initiative called “Evolve”. As EV technology becomes an increasingly popular mode of transportation, BCAA wants to give current and prospective owners a tool to learn as much as they can about the vehicles.

The City of Vancouver is also investing a lot into keeping pace with the projected demand for electric vehicles. Currently there are six charging stations at city-owned parking lots. But within one year there are plans to add seventy more units, making it easier for EV owners to charge their batteries.

From a regulatory perspective, the city has also implemented electric vehicle requirements for all new buildings. For instance, any new condo development must make sure at least 20% of its parking spaces are EV- ready.

“We just want to make sure as the vehicles come, we’ve got the appropriate charging infrastructure at the same time,” said Sadhu Johnston, deputy city manager.

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