Some TReO users who own businesses say they didn’t receive the trip credits they had expected for taking the Port Mann Bridge.

The vast majority of the 370,000 statements to registered TReO customers will have a zero balance, because most people will be able to use the free trip credits they received for registering before December 1st.

But several viewers contacted CTV News wondering why their business accounts on the new Port Mann tolling system are not receiving the 20 free trip credits that other motorists received.

TReO says the $30 credit, or 20 free trips promotion, was open to accounts with four or fewer vehicles. The promotion was designed to encourage frequent drivers to register for a TReO account and decal by November 30.

Any account with five or more vehicles is considered a fleet and does not receive the credit. TReO says fleets receive their own benefits, such as a dedicated account representative and downloadable invoices.

The company claims it would be costly to extend the 20 free trip credits to include accounts with five or more vehicles and if it did, the one-year introductory toll rate would not be possible.

Until Feb. 28, 2013, all Port Mann users will benefit from the introductory toll rate. Drivers who register for an account with a decal and a payment mechanism on file by Feb. 28, 2013, will be able to lock in the reduced rate of $1.50 for car drivers for a full year. Drivers who do not register by Feb. 28, or instead choose the pay-as-you-go option, will have their toll rates increased to $3.00 on March 1, 2013.