TransLink says it will review the 90 minute transfer time for transit trips once the new Compass Cards are implemented in 2013.

The Compass Card is a reloadable fare card and will be used for pay-as-you-go trips. It will replace all of the current TransLink current passes and tickets.

Viewer Solange wrote Steele on Your Side to ask why the current three-zone transit ticket, which costs $5, has the same 90 minute expiration timeline as a one-zone ticket that costs $2.50.

She feels that a lot of three-zone trips exceed the ticket timeline.

Derek Zabel at TransLink says the hour and a half transfer time has been in place for 20 years without a problem. The timeline means the final boarding or transfer needs to happen within the time window -- not the entire trip.

Zabel says a sizeable portion of current trips over 90 minutes make their final transfer in 90 minutes.

Translink says it's going to review the 90 minute transfer time when the new Compass Cards are brought into place next year and the company starts collecting data on passenger trips, including how much distance each person is traveling. 

One thing TransLink is looking at is changing how it charges based on the distance travelled.

More than 1.2 million transit trips are made with TransLink daily.