The new year will be slightly less happy for Metro Vancouver transit users, who are being hit with a scheduled TransLink fare hike on Jan. 1.

One and two-zone tickets are being raised 25 cents -- to $2.75 and $4, respectively -- while three-zone tickets are being hiked 50 cents to $5.50.

Monthly FareCard users will also see prices jump by $10 for one zone, $14 for two zones and $19 for three zones.

TransLink spokesman Derek Zabel said the hike is necessary to cover increased base operating costs.

“The [TransLink] commissioner has said we’re allowed to increase our fares to cover the cost of inflation, so that’s what this is,” Zabel said.

The transit company has the ability to increase fares two per cent annually, he added.

“We haven’t raised those since 2008 so fares are going to go up about 10 per cent to cover the years we didn’t bump them up.”

Fares make up one third of TransLink’s revenue.

Discounted weekend fares and HandyDART fares will also be increased, while FareSaver ticket books will not be affected.

West Coast Express fares will increase by roughly 12.5 per cent.